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jibber jabber the blarghz [entries|friends|calendar]
mz. dela cruz

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[16 Aug 2004|10:41pm]
holy smacks..today was funny stalll!!
summer school morning..us grls kinda felt empty inside..but right when we walk in the school..
who do we see? BAM! weeehoo big smiles..LOL
weirdest conversations i swearrr..but still =)
then then..after the 2nd half of the day..we felt so dead ane mpty cuz the school was half empty..haha
nuff jokes though..laughed so much in class..
bahh! after school was arms though..
running from dairy queen to bus stop at 14th n kennedy..stupid bus driver
i swear we were like 1 and a half meters away and he saw us runnin like hell with our blizzards in our hand but he still drives away..uhgg..
so we continue to walk..tristan turns around and what does he see?
a bus!!..so we friggen run again..then we realize it's not even in service..bahh
well..walked all the way home..a good half an hour burning under the sun!
went to town to meet up with hulk..
saw alday..so it was a dela.jonel&alday day..HAHA
that bag is very useful huh alday?
yup..well yes..very tired!
anyhoo..got a couple of cool things!
jonel did his thing..great was to embarass yourself =)..
looked for stuff...BOOK..thing...the guys things..
wee i saw gels today..HAHA.
well then blah went home..
well went to markville actually
then ate
then went home..sooo TIREEEDDD!!!!!
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summer schoooool [07 Aug 2004|04:18pm]
holy shiet today was the funnnniest day of summer school!
morning was sexy at the library!
lik who really has fun in the library?
with me, maria and marissa's luck "vick"'s class was durrr..w00t..
HAHA..laughing so much till i could feel my veins pop!
met 2 more people..well haha met them before but they were in our mcgivney table..LOL
talked about our ghetto school! laughed sooo friggen much..shiet
good day to talk n laugh at the library..
lunch at dairy queen...funniest thing happened!
mans always turn the blizzard dq cup over to prove it'll stay in the cup..
sooo tristian being a smarty pants took my strawberry cheesecake blizzard
flipped it..and my ice cream sunk in his fingers cuz he rties to juggle it..
HAHA..so friggen jokes
we always peeed our pants!
goodday =) just one thing missing..i miss my boyfrienddd
but eh =)..my tag is sexy
it says:
my name is michelle and i ove my boyfriend =)
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summer school [06 Aug 2004|08:41pm]
so far summer school is FUN!
yeap..just as long as tristan.maria & marissa don't drop out..
it wont be THAT boring..bahaha
days go by fast..cause we do so much..but it's all good..wish lunch was longer..but 30 minutes will do =)
meh thas all
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morningside parkk [04 Jul 2004|02:31pm]
mm yesturday woke up early to reach lola inday's death anniversary at morningside park..
got a tannn..a ring tan..ew so ugly..oh well
emil youre a fag..kept puttin leaves in my ear..
at least it wasnt whip cream =D
it was an alright day
but then all i did was eat n eat..
shiettt..oh well..kept fallin asleep and kept eating..that's life..lol
got home at like 9 with the fam..fell asleep right away in my bed!!
i thought i was only gonna take a nap but i slept from 9pm to 9am
woke up today for driving school yay..alex is there now but then he's gonna leave cause he's almost done..LOL
crap shiet..oh well..
i'm gettin use to this waking up early business
summer school tomorrow..OH LA LAAA
frigg =(
oh well..oh yeah..i woke up and i have a friggen cold =(
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gelly belly's birthday.. [03 Jul 2004|12:07am]
[ mood | tired ]

soo just got home awhile ago from one of the longest days i've ever had..haha
woke up at around 8 something to get ready..
gels picked me up from my house at around 10:30..
exchanged a cd gels got..
then looked for a dora toy..haha
went back to angels..then loafted for a bit
crizzz came...braided hair..
cleaned up..helped make food...bring stuff outside..diddy dadda...
found poo from the stupid cat that we saw walking through the backyard...
got a shovel and scooped it to the side =)..flies were flying around..yuck
after the nasty poo...ate food..yumm..haha..
then me and criz went outside to tan on the 3 chairs..LOL
people started coming..
ate some more =D
then ate some more =D
robbis mean but its okay.
aaron sorry for the watermelon spill on your nice white shirt..don't worry it's PINK..bahaha
justin..yea..too bad..i like my party mix chips..bwahha
yasmin my baby lover..thank's for breaking the fil..pshh
bwahha..day was alright still!
haven't seen a bunch of you people for 2 weeks..HAHA
since school =)
oh yeah..thanks velasco..or was it nuts...or letts?..i dunno..whomever it was
gels! hope you had a fun day..i kno you were really tired and just as much as i hate hostin parties..it's ok!..the day has almost ended..LOL..love you gels!
pee.dot.ess. dear criz. you are my lover forever and ever rapist that we've never had for eachother.
that made no sense but i dont really care =)..spent most of the day with this laydee right here..yup..outkastts..i love it!..haha..LHFDKFHFFNKDFH <== from the cd..HAHA..the kanye cd..

this heart was for gels =D..haha we LOVE u ;)

say cheese =D

me and my lover criz =)

me tanning? struck a sexy pose..BAHAH
gels and shells..wee im in the background =)

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CANADA DAY [02 Jul 2004|11:55pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

happy barfday canada!
uhmm so how did i spend this day?
nothing special
woke up..called gels
called mai
uhmm didnt end up chilling with them because i had no loot
cousins were over
they got a new car..pretty sexy
had a bbq with my family
went to dq..
got my blizzzzard
then reached my cousins
back home..
got ready and then went to milne park with my family
it was alright..
not as great as last year..
fireworks were major slowwwwww
kept thinking it was done but then we'd start walking it would go again..haha
oh well..overall today was alright i guess
got home..then my allergies are botherin me..
sneezinggg..mommy made me sniff some thing..hurts my nose..haha
took reactine..then eye drops
i feel so drowsy and drugged
tomorrow is ge's bbq at her house..yay =D
gotta sleep early so i can wake up early for her birthday party..LOL
no sleeping in tomorrow..tah duhhh...stupid allergies =(

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ON JULY 3rd... [29 Jun 2004|09:09pm]

she's quite sexy indeed..me and ms. catrin
oh how i'll miss you so..i remmeber the first time i met you semester 2 english.
you were in my my english homeroom with mr. musara
with aims, donna, karina..and i didnt kno WHOO the poo you were
haha but then when i got to know you i was like yay she's soo cool =)
and i think that's how everyone started calling you CATRIN..
all because of who?
MR. MUSARA...right?..yess yess..
then you were in my class again!
english with mrs. walsh when our whole gang banging english complainin crew developed
again aimee..me..drea..bev..carmel..timbit..haha u kno the rest
ms. smartie pants
thanks for helping me and staffffff
english math u kno..since you're so friggen smart
and for those times i copied work from walsh's class..thanks
LOL..ok im not writing this because im thanking you for letting me copy
because you're so cool and i'm/we're really gonna miss you
don't cry ok?
ahh bahh..ok..just take care of yourself..and visit.haha yea right :|
so far..we'll miss u..don't forget about us..we labb you catrin
i'll miss u sexyyy ;) *wink* RARRR
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ME'SHELL [29 Jun 2004|07:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]

todayyy i woke up at like 5am because my boyfriend kept calling
but i was too sleepy to pick up
so he called my house and then i woke up at 7am because he was at my door
too tired..watched tv..ate breakfast/lunch
thenn nap time for me =)
got ready to go out..
rick called..then rick mark n marc came to pick me and boyfriend up
reached school to pick up my report card first
then picked up gels
reached town and then boyfriend left
watched dodgeball =)
i'm me`shell not really..HAHA
so panny still..good movie marc *thumbs up*
thenn we ate...loafted and went backkk on rickss sexy beamer!
drove marc back home planned on reaching the zoo but then we had no money..HAHA
dropped marc home and reached rick's instead
looked at his pictures..HAHAHA..and THEN
watched chainsaw massacre
that's ALL!..soo tired forreals

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[29 Jun 2004|01:05am]
[ mood | hyper ]

today..i am going out withhhhh
rick mark and gels =)
gona go watch troy
and guess who's drivingggg!!!!!
rickk is..HAHA duhh obviously..who else..
well yes..im bored
kinda tired
liking pictures that im seeing
yeup..aimee and gels should know exactly what im talkin about =)

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stupid stupid bus drivers [28 Jun 2004|12:06pm]
[ mood | angry ]

bus driverss are gayy...
so i paid 1.50 to go to milliken..
he let me go..and when i went back home,
then he goes do u kno how much bus fair is?
i looked at the board it said 1.60..so i stood up and put 2 more nickles..
then im like..there u happy..
then he goes i let u pass the first time but u kno the second time doesnt work...
im like wut r u talkin about i already paid 1.60..
im a student r u dumb..he goes well u didnt show your id...
so i shoved it in his face...im like here.my stupid id!
and he goes i didnt need to see it..im like fuck...
i just showed u cuz u asked...and then he's like u only paid 1.52 see..
im like what thats messed..i didnt even pay 2 cents..
i paid 10 dimes..2 quarters and 2 nickels u freak..
then i just got off and i'm like u stupid freak..
ill remmeber..1 fuckkin 60 next time...*kisses teeth*

uhggg..what a way to ruin my day..pshh..

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rain rain go away... [28 Jun 2004|09:25am]
woke up earlyy..summer school registration
rick said line up's gonna be crazy..
boo to the big erns =(
haven't even waken up late this whole time summer started..
kinda crazy...haha..waking up everyday at 8am-10am..even on weekends!..bahh.
oh well...hope the rain goes away..
i get lazy when it's raining but i have to registerrr
bahhh..oh well..
goodday =)
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gel's b-day [27 Jun 2004|10:58pm]

hmm well this is just the beginning of what will be friday mania picture frenzie..bahaha..
taken at oriental cusine
the lonliest buffet place ever
thet held only me.gels.criz..a couple.3 old people. and an old man..
sad? i think so!
im eating my yummy mango with mini tapioca balls
i had a whole stack of them
but the stupid lady took it
oh well =)
watched white chicks after that
yup..JUNE 24, 2004..was gel's birthday..HAHA
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[27 Jun 2004|08:16pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Boy you know I'm the type of girl
Who will always understand
And whatever you're going through,
I will always be right there
But there's just a few things you should know
I'm not the chick that'll blow ya' spot in front your friends
Cuz I'm cool like that, I'm sayin'

Maybe your old girlfriend complained
But baby with me, it's not the same
You treat me right when we're alone
You got your own thing when you're gone

Baby you know that I'm down for you
Keep that on the low when you're with your crew
Cuz I know how you feel when it's me and you
Cuz baby you know that I'll hold it down for you
No need to trip when you're with your friends
Cuz you aint gotta hug me or hold my hand
Baby I'm grown so I understand
Cuz baby you know that I'll hold it down for you

It's kinda funny on the phone when I talk to you
When I tell you "I love you", and you just laugh and say "me too" (ooh)
Just the other day when you passed me by
I could see you were checkin' me from the corner of your eye

Maybe your old girlfriend complained
but baby with me, it's not the same
You treat me right when we're alone
you got your own thing when you're gone

Baby you know that I'm down for you
Keep that on the low when you're with your crew
Cuz I know how you feel when it's me and you
Cuz baby you know that I'll hold it down for you
No need to trip when you're with your friends
Cuz you aint gotta hug me or hold my hand
Baby I'm grown so I understand
Cuz baby you know that I'll hold it down for you

Baby you know that I'm down for you
Keep that on the low when you're with your crew
Cuz I know how you feel when it's me and you
Cuz baby you know that I'll hold it down for you
No need to trip when you're with your friends
Cuz you aint gotta hug me or hold my hand
Baby I'm grown so I understand
Cuz baby you know that I'll hold it down for you

Baby you know that I'm down for you


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AMB [27 Jun 2004|02:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so today i woke up at 8am..
then my parents brought me to some driving school..
drove to AAMCO first..then went back to AMB
mm..yeah...why was it soo packed tho..
so lonerish but saw people from school.
instructor's cool =)
i am no longer dela..call me 7-04-234..BAHAHA
ok..what a loser i am..anyhoo boring
sad and watched videos and took multiple choice quizes
i seriously hate mutiple choice tho..
but whatever's clever..until next sunday...

i ♥ my boyfriend =)

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let's continue [26 Jun 2004|11:40pm]
sooo today is saturday and tomorrow i finally start driving school..
hey hana thanks..i finally know how to change colors..
how do u change the font?..haha..meh..wutevers clever!..
did nothing today but enjoy my sleeping and eating habits..
what a lazy ass i am..oh well =)
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[24 Jun 2004|11:43pm]
[ mood | loved ]


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exams are coming.. [15 Jun 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | restless ]

whoaa watch out..
dela is gonna start using livejournal because i type a lot about my day.
so yeah? today was student appreciation day (carnival)
barelyyy thurr but its okay!...
got wet because people throwing water around..blah took pictures..WEIRD picture..
trust me..exam on thursday friday AND tuesday..
so scared out of my mind...
tomorrow only reaching bio for food..haha..meh..
sa'll good...my eyes are itchy =\

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